About Us

Les Jeux Du Marquis is a brand of luxurious sex toys.
It all started with the intention of offering a product to those who love to enrich their sexual performances using accessories of the highest quality.
Les Jeux Du Marquis offers an exclusive collection regarding its aesthetic content (innovative harnesses, rings for man’s pleasure designed as a sculpture or a jewel and accessories for chic bondage made with unusual materials)enabling new ways to use them, completely different from what is already known and very versatile!

This new product is based on the concepts of uniqueness of style, meticulous attention to details and high craftsmanship with the possibility to customize by request of particular customers (Tailoring).
The entire collection is made with special care especially regarding the finishing touches and the raw materials: galvanized metals appear in unusual colors, rubber-coated brass, metal meshes are combined to french nappa leather, handmade leather goods inspired by the world of saddlery.
Finally Les Jeux du Marquis is a project of Design which aims to spred a real “cult of pleasure”.

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