Les Jeux du Marquis meets ainsley-t at “Fashion & Fetish” at “The Brandery”, Barcelona.

Les Jeux du Marquis and ainsley-t are presenting at “Fashion & Fetish” the quintessence of High Fetish Design showing “The Perfect Whip” as a coordinated accessory to the “Lace Bedroom Boot”.

ainsley-t, a brand of note for its collection of luxury erotic shoes will present at “Fashion & Fetish” the fruit of its collaboration with Les Jeux du Marquis, erotic design project. This footwear design house, which blends eroticism and shoe design will show for the first time in Spain its ‘shoes for your erotic life’. Among its classic designs such as the Plug Pump and Gag Sandal, ainsley-t is pleased to exhibit the fruit of its new collaboration with Les Jeux du Marquis: a bedroom boot to carry the accessories needed for a night of creative passion, shown here in partnership with “The Perfect Whip” from Les Jeux du Marquis.

ainsley-t is delighted to be working with the inventiveness of Les Jeux du Marquis, creating accessories perfectly suited to the most intimate moments of your erotic life.

To heighten the fascination and the seductive power of a lace boot, Les Jeux du Marquis has specially created and hand-made The Perfect Whip, an instrument of pleasure to satisfy the technical requirements of a classic whip while capturing the emotions of the moment and yet still meet the dictates of High Fashion.

Through the use of fine materials such as French nappa, lambskin suede and lace-effect lasered patent French calfskin as well as the brand’s own craft techniques, The Perfect Whip offers a superior level of design and attention to detail. In meeting the requirements of Les Jeux du Marquis, The Perfect Whip represents the marriage of perfect functionality while remaining sensitive to the body’s own special prerequisites.

Les Jeux du Marquis is proud to emphasise the sensuality of the erotic shoes from Ainsley-T.

Les Jeux du Marquis & Ainsley-t

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