Les Jeux du Marquis reviewed on “Sexandthe405.com”

It’s a pleasure to post an article which appeared in the review Sexandthe405.com and that talks about one of our “Harnesses”. Sexandthe405 is a magazine that covers topics concerning eroticism and sexuality with news, interviews and reviews. It owes its name to one of the most famous and busiest  travelled streets of America: I-405 that runs from north to south Los Angeles. We are grateful for their tribute and willingly publish their article.

Vi segnaliamo con piacere la recensione di Sexandthe405.com  fatta ad uno dei nostri “Harnesses”. Sexandthe405  è un magazine che parla di erotismo e sessualità con notizie, interviste  e recensioni. Deve il suo nome ad una delle strade più famose e trafficate/imbottigliate d’America: la I-405 che taglia da nord a Sud Los Angeles. Siamo grati per il loro sguardo e pubblichiamo volentieri il loro articolo.

Nothing Says “I Love You” Like a Leash

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’re racking our brains to offer you some ideas.

Today, while procrastinating on another article, we happened to encounter this beauty from Les Jeux Du Marquis, a company we mentioned a couple of posts ago when we were gushing about the new ainsley-t boot.

For $480, you can spoil your master or slave something proper — the appropriately named Lovechain Collar is grinded, hand-painted, two-tone black cuoio accessorized with satinated brass. We’re enamored of the level of detail.

We knew you’d like it. Suddenly, Valentine’s Day doesn’t seem like such a raw deal after all. Or maybe it does — but in just the right way.

Read the story: www.sexandthe405.com

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