The Marquis’ Rooms: rooms in which Eros switches to Deluxe


Les Jeux Du Marquis is a fashion brand that dresses Eros with original and high quality accessories.

Each handcrafted accessory is designed by Emanuele Coppari – Creative Director and Founder of the brand- and rigorously Made in Italy, as the final products and solutions aim to be stimulating and innovative to let the user experience Eros with malice and especially elegance.

Each accessory is conceived as a tool for pleasure to be fit on the partner, well exhibited but with a further hidden application, and it brings Eros to a new level, more insolent and clear but mysterious and intimate at the same time.

“The Marquis’ Rooms” is the official show that will take place into themed rooms where people will be able to admire and… test… the many “sex deluxe” creations.
During the show there will be tutorials and interactions by the Muse of the brand La Steah, and a performance by the Sculptress Caterina Silenzi.

Showroom Carrer
Via Comelico, 2 – Milano


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