“Not having the answer doesn't scare me, it inspires me”


Born in 1978 by a family of shoemakers, still a child he developed a true fascination and manifested an authentic propensity for all-round creativity, and breathing daily the heady scent of Fashion, already a teenager he decided what his future would be.

He arrives at Fashion Design through an unconventional path, but that allows him to acquire an eclectic and multifaceted education, practicing disciplines that are apparently distant from the concept of Fashion (painting, photography, sculpture, art history) but strongly educational for a creative young man in love with beauty.

From a rock soul, rough and nocturnal, and at the same time obsessed by a hyper-decorative and flooded aesthetic of light and colors, over the years he has successfully faced creative challenges of a different nature, infusing in each collection entrusted to him his own distinctive trait.

After years of experience, put at the service of various brands (Bally, Giorgio Brato, Primabase, Zufi Alexander, Giancarlo Paoli), Emanuele Coppari decides to concentrate his energies and channel his creativity into a project that bears his name.

A collection-tribute to the concept of hyper-feminine, a brand that wants to pay tribute to a sophisticated, determined, authentic and incisively own-time inserted woman.

LJDM: Les Jeux Du Marquis

Les Jeux du Marquis was founded in 2012 with the aim of creating accessories with a high level of sensuality. 

The heritage of the brand refers to a world of craftsmanship, excellence, savoir faire, typical of the region where it was born, Le Marche, in Italy, which has always been devoted (and suited) to the production of whimsical, quality, timeless accessories. 

Les Jeux du Marquis looks like a capsule collection, in continuous evolution, where hyper-feminine footwear, genderless bracelets with a rock and couturier soul at the same time, coexist in an eclectic balance, fancy accessories to customize their look and, recently, an eau de parfum unisex, a sumptuous bland of natural essences, a unique olfactory trail of its kind. 

With an ironic and sensual look, the great classics of the female collective imagination are reinterpreted and adapted in new, contemporary, irreverent and highly seductive guises.

The collection, in order to align itself with the needs of a heterogeneous public, refrains from following the classic fashion calendar based on the rigid summer / winter division, and rather proposes to its fans repeated launches of ideas and concepts throughout the year, ranging from time to time to enrich the kaleidoscopic catalog of the brand. 

Les Jeux du Marquis makes quality and luxury the key. Every single piece is made by hand, making use of the best craftsmen of the area, called upon to sublimate, with their know-how, the highest-level materials selected by the Creative Direction. 

Decolletées and sandals with a sensual and biting line, to transform and reinvent with the various proposed fancy accessories, modular bracelets with which to create unusual and playful combinations of material and color, twin cuffs with a bondage and refined soul, fur pompoms, leather couture roses, bow ties in precious silks, small whips to hide in the clutch bag ... 

the Les Jeux du Marquis world is designed to make every woman a goddess of her time.